:: The enterprise

In 1986 a group of enterprises decided that we had enough experience and courage to create and manage our enterprise. In that moment Fordecor Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana borned.

It Seems that we were right and little by little we increased our project and nowadays give work to more than 30 workers and distribute our product to the whole country by our own fleet of trucks.

The clue of this growing is simple but heavy: we bet on handmade product without omission of thecnicals and esthetics innovations and our seriousness is our best offer.

The reason of our moving to park of Senyera is due to our big growing, so we have contructed a warehouse of 1000 m2 to enable us better working.

:: Our product

Despite of the technology, we still are confidents with handmade methods.
All our products have the maximum quality that talks for us but this quality shouldn't be possible if we wouldn't have our own craftsman who create all we make.

The untameable forge, the noble wood and the delicate ceramics. Only the most expert hands can work all this noble materials.

But handmade doesn't mean no evolution and our creators are conscious. We innovate and put all our creativity and originality in all our designs and in every new product.

We invite you to see our catalogue and check it by yourself.

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